Leonardo Zimbrón from Endemol Shine Boomdog

Our stories are ready to refresh the soul
Aliana González, Mexico City|12 de enero de 2021

Leonardo Zimbrón, Head of Fiction Programming at Endemol Shine Boomdog, highlighted that the importance of health is one of the main lessons 2020 has left. “It is one of the things we took for granted. We became aware of the importance of generating health and hygiene conditions, mainly during the production process," he said.

Zimbrón highlighted the industry's ability to survive and its positive nature. He stated that in 2020 it was activated, it made a common front to build the protocols that allowed them to return to the set, and it was revealed as an empathic and supportive sector, since support funds were created, and the main focus was workers, the weakest part of the chain.

“We also learned it was necessary to give workers more continuity. Since then, there have been very good talks to encourage these conditions. It will be truly positive for this to be an increasingly fair industry, in addition to being successful”.

The executive explained that another lesson was to value the industry's importance because its stories were a source of support and inspiration for people at a time of global crisis, anxiety, and fear. "Our stories were there, ready to refresh the soul and the mind, to say there are other ways to see life and that there is always hope".

Finally, Zimbrón stated that 2020 has given him many reasons to feel proud of the industry he represents.