Connie Acosta, Head Writer of Punta Fina in Colombia: We make cuts in the script to work with the resources we have

Our workload doubled adjusting scripts to production protocols
Aliana González, Mexico City|14 de agosto de 2020

Punta Fina has taken the eight-year experience gained in Script Doctor and in production parameter adjustments and contributed this value to production companies at the juncture of the pandemic. The application of protocols entails extra costs. Lowering expenses without affecting the story is the specialty of Connie Acosta, Head Writer of Punta Fina in Colombia.

“We usually make adjustments in the cases of stories that demand events, characters or locations that were not contemplated at the beginning and that affect the budget. We make cuts in the script to work with the resources we have. With the production protocols, this need has increased," says Connie Acosta, who states that the workload has doubled for this reason.

Acosta explained that they conduct an analysis to identify which of the existing production values in the script are truly important and which could be unified or eliminated. After, they present a change proposal. Punta Fina writers can also rewrite the scenes that need to be adjusted.

“We see if there are characters that fulfill the same function, if there is an excess of floating locations, if there are outdoor scenes (mainly night-time ones) that can be eliminated; if it is possible to have a second or third unit and if there are locations with enough scenes to sustain a day of shooting," she explained.

Along with lowering costs, they adjust the scripts to the health protocols regarding the number of people in scenes and other requirements in the new reality.