Pablo Brito

Pablo Brito from Cinecinco: Redimensioning Efecto Dominó now from Argentina

02 de enero de 2019

Pablo Brito, cinema and TV scriptwriter and partner of Cinecinco, was in Ventana Sur boosting the series Efecto Dominó, a political thriller inspired on the case of the Federal Prosecutor Nisman.

“It is a political inter-American series, I believe it is the first that does not focus on the topic of drug pushing, but, of course, does not leave it aside either". It will also cover the topic of love with two men who are in love with Raquel Ponce, the protagonist who will investigate the case and will “reveal a series of dark events in Latin America”.

He explains they already have six episodes for the first season to make it more affordable in terms of costs and risks. “We have already written three episodes that are in the hands of several international production companies that are interested, and we have a team calculating costs to produce a great deal of the series that effectively is going to be developed during the first season in Argentina with Argentinean talent."

Its title, Efecto Dominó, comes from the fact that this case will lead to blow the whistle on others in different countries. "Cases will be unveiled in journalism, with very reliable sources, but of course, it will be fiction, coincidences with real facts will be, if not by chance, at least not entirely intentional."

According to Brito, this series will awaken the interest of platforms, since viewers "are expecting to see a House of Cards in Latin American Spanish, this is that series”.

He added that they were in Argentina promoting the series because that is where they have found greater receptiveness and they use others´ investigations to develop a clear and accurate plot of the case.