Los mejores regalos no vienen en trineo shows the importance of family values during Christmas

Pablo Buffagni of BBQ Agency: Pepsi’s Guatemala campaign reached record numbers in the region
Liz Unamo|19 de enero de 2016

Showing family values during Christmas holidays was one of the goals of {Los mejores regalos no vienen en trineo (Best presents don’t come in sled);www.produ.com/publicidad/videos/index.html?Noti=10398} campaign produced by BBQ Agency for Pepsi in Guatemala and Central America. The effort -focused in Facebook and YouTube- reached record numbers in the region: 1,537,974 views, 48,500 likes and more than 17,000 shares. Pablo Buffagni, Founder and Creative Leader at BBQ talked to PRODU about the project that features how a Guatemalan family reunites with their relatives living in the U.S. "The whole idea was to show that what is most valuable in Christmas holidays is human value, opposed to gifts, shopping and traditional Christmas symbology" Buffagni explained. The project was developed in 40 days and it became a record for a project of this magnitude, Buffagni said. "It was a team work with lots of collaboration by the local structure, Guatemala’s Pepsi suppliers, BBQ Agency and Red Creek, which took care of recruiting and audiovisual production." Buffagni mentioned that Pepsi did a similar project last year, but in a smaller scale. "We wanted it that year to be special, and that the great effort done gathering so many people was noticed. We tried to make the message at the same time positive, surprising and emotive. Regarding this, it was a good decision to include as part of the story the final surprise that happens when the family members leave the screen."