Pablo Buffagni, founder and creative leader of BBQ

BBQ's Pablo Buffagni: Our campaigns are aimed at client's business needs
Liz Unamo|07 de julio de 2015

Pablo Buffagni, founder and creative leader of BBQ states that among the main challenges the Hispanic market poses are acknowledgement and the assignment of works according to capabilities and results. In an interview with PRODU, he expressed this is about moving beyond forming an establishment. “What just happened with Donald Trump confirms once again what many of us have said for years: it is impossible to ignore the power of the Latino population in the US. Hearing a businessman say the atrocities he said should set off many alarms, and hopefully the public´s reaction will also prevent prejudice from steering decisions regarding business distribution". He revealed that the campaigns they develop have to do with clients´ realities and their business needs. "BBQ will always try to solve these needs in the most creative way, because we believe that´s how an advertiser´s money is best invested to achieve more with less", he stated. Although they have no plans to venture into the Cuban market, they don´t rule out getting involved if a client requires them to do so. In his opinion, "the Cannes Lions Festival is a reference of an awarded piece among creatives that serves above all as motivation and to measure yourself against your peers".