Pablo Buffagni recognized as best idea man in the US Hispanic market
21 de noviembre de 2014

Pablo Buffagni, creative director and grill boss of BBQ Agency, was named best idea man US Hispanic market in the Ojo de Iberoamérica for the work performed prior to the recent launch of his agency. Buffagni is no stranger to awards, he had already won last year working for Grupo Gallegos and on previous occasions working for Conill and Bromley. Buffagni has been responsible for campaigns with outstanding results for clients such as Toyota, T-Mobile, P & G, Clorox, Got Milk? and Comcast. His Argentinean barbecue has also earned a place of recognition among international guests. A few years ago, he took that tradition to work, organizing barbecues for the enjoyment of their colleagues and clients. These special moments with friends served as inspiration for the idea of the agency recently founded as a new creative alternative within the US Hispanic market.