Pablo Caballero, Director at Wabi Productions

Pablo Caballero From Wabi Productions: This Is Branded Content But It Is Made Very Subtly

Manuela Walfenzao|14 de septiembre de 2017

The Director at Wabi Productions, Pablo Caballero, made a branded content series for Bubbaloo, with the agency Flock, which was filmed in Mexico City. The trailer of the series was released September 4th organically on Facebook and already has more than 800.000 visualizations on YouTube.

“We are living a moment of transition on client's part. And in this case, Bubbaloo bet greatly on realization for this to turn out as a series, even though it was for the web” explained Caballero. “I am talking about the transition that clients, agencies and media alike are undergoing, because in the past, we used to shoot the TV commercial, and the digital piece was made from it. This is my first project that is 100% conceived for digital media. It was made with all the tools necessary to make a series.”

The series is narrated in four episodes, which total almost seven minutes. “This is branded content, but it is made very subtly, there is no brand abuse at all. It appears in key moments and due to storytelling needs” added the Director. “The agency already had a path for the story and we developed the dialogues and storytelling jointly. We had the freedom to determine the duration. Only in the trailer, we tried to link the graphic handling that will be seen on the streets and in digital media, but in the series, that will not be used.”

Caballero highlighted that the secret in this type of project is for the agency, client, and production company to be aligned. “Aranza García, Katya Jiménez, Nando Fernández and Alan Vaca were absolutely supportive and this allowed us to shoot with fluency and great freedom” he concluded.