Team of AARP and d expósito & Partners

Paco Olavarrieta From d exposito & Partners: AARP Sees Cada Paso Del Camino As Rational, Strategic, Aesthetic
Liz Unamo|09 de noviembre de 2017

D expósito & Partners was the agency charged with developing the documentary Cada Paso del Camino (Every Step of the Way) for AARP, which shows step by step all that caregiving requires. “We had to do a lot of casting to find the right caregivers to share their stories” said Paco Olavarrieta, Partner and CCO of the agency.

Once the agency had a list of candidates, Director, Alberto Ferreras interviewed them in person to identify which ones expressed themselves best. “Someone might seem just great on paper or on the phone, but suddenly get an attack of stage fright in front of the camera. The process took months.”

Cada Paso del Camino can be seen online and airs on two Spanish-language cable channels this month: Azteca and EstrellaTV. “It was truly a team effort at the agency. We can't forget how emotional we knew it would be, but we also wanted it to be rational, strategic and of course beautiful” Olavarrieta said.

He said the documentary tells the powerful, moving stories of four Latinos taking care of their loved ones, including the TV celebrity Marco Antonio Regil, while adding that “it's refreshing to talk with a client used to conversing with people aged 50 or older, and with whom I can bring my own experience and insights to bear.”

AARP is a socially conscious client with a very positive impact on our society, Olavarrieta said. “The brand's objective is to empower people to choose how they want to live as they get older. Or, as they call it, disruptive aging. And this is a wonderful cause to celebrate with our creativity.”