Mauricio Cedeño, 2btube Mexico: The crisis has put the professionalization of our native digital content creators to the test

Pandemic put digital content creators' to the  test
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|12 de mayo de 2020

2btube, the division of the Spanish media group that represents digital talents and offers a comprehensive proposal to reach the online audience, has put the professionalization of its native digital content creators to the test in the crisis, increasing the rhythm of the campaigns and remote production with higher production levels.

“We are working with talents that already have their own team, that way they work at their rhythm and in an environment that results comfortable and familiar and we can arrange the last details, the more technical ones," explained Mauricio Cedeño, Marketing Director at 2btube in Mexico.

The teams are far from being amateurs. “We work with Sony Alpha II, but the lenses we use are Canon with Metabones. For the audio, we use Tascam recorders together with lavaliers Rode because they have excellent responses at a considerable distance. In case of requiring greater capture accuracy, we have a shotgun from the same brand, that is useful because of its fidelity when shooting”.

They are currently handling digital content campaigns for brands such as Downy, Canon, Uber Eats, Mediotopía, among others. Most of the subject matter is aligned with messages #StayHome messages.

With offices and production studios in Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and the US, 2btube has a global audience of more than 1,200 million views per month, and 420 million followers. Out of these, 70% is under the age of 34.