Priscilla Quintana protagonist of Pandora, developed by Starlings Entertainment. Sony distributes worldwide

Pandora is an optimistic program
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de noviembre de 2020

Priscilla Quintana, the protagonist of Pandora—series developed by Starlings Entertainment with Crafty Apes – VFX, Vital Signs Entertainment and Sony International, distributed by Sony worldwide and whose second season recently began on The CW in the US—highlights that one of the most important things in the series for viewers worldwide is that the program is centered on the positive side of things.

“Our showrunner, Mark. A. Altman, says that too much science fiction is dark and dystopian, but Pandora is an optimistic program that brings light to the world, that people can use especially now. Pandora is fun, it is full of action and has excellent special effects. What else could viewers want?" expressed the actress who reveals that she has Latina blood on her mother's side, whose family is from Guadalajara, Mexico. “Every five years, we have a big family reunion in Tijuana to reconnect. My mother is also partly native American".

Quintana, who plays Jax in the series, describes her character as a tough, young lady who has lost everything but still has a very pure heart. "The universe's fate literally rests on her shoulders and she is navigating through all that, as well as through her personal relations with her boyfriend, her friend, and the most amazing thing, with her mother who was thought to be dead. Young people from around the world will relate to Jax, because, like them, Jax has many responsibilities on their shoulders, but still tries to live a normal life in a world that is not always "normal".

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