Óscar Uriel, Billy Rovzar, Sergio Pizzolante, Pablo Cruz, Manolo Cardona, Diego Boneta, and Guillermo Giménez

Panel in Advertising Week LatAm: With the honeymoon between producers and brands dependence on platforms would end

12 de marzo de 2019

With the presence of the producers Billy Rovzar, Pablo Cruz, Manolo Cardona, Sergio Pizzolante, and Diego Boneta, chaired by the film critic Oscar Uriel and the participation of Guillermo Giménez, Marketing and Communications director at Coca Cola, there was a conversation on content, brands, new windows, as well as limitations and freedom current times offer creators.

Pablo Cruz, from Canana Films, launched two ideas: the death of open TV is a fact, he states although not all those present agreed-, and the future lies in the honeymoon between brands and producers, to make contents that can travel for free, without depending on platforms. Likewise, he commented that he expects the work relation to evolving, as when producers lose their IP when working with platforms, as occurred in the past with open TV.

Passion as an engine in the production of stories that conquer audiences was a recurring topic and everyone agreed that it is an essential ingredient. Guillermo Giménez, from Coca Cola, expects a story to surprise him and for it to be congruent and make sense with what the brand wants to say. He wants it to tell a deeper story than what seems obvious, and at the same time for it to respect the audience.

Pizzolante encouraged those who were listening– mostly brands and advertisers- to dare to be part of stories in which the image the story is related to isn't always necessarily positive.