Paola Figueroa, Creative VP at Flock Linked

Paola Figueroa From Flock: To Be Part Of #AddGirlsInAd Is A Responsibility That Seeks To Generate Equality
Manuela Walfenzao|23 de noviembre de 2016

Paola Figueroa, Creative VP at Flock Linked by Isobar, was one of the leaders of Isobar, #AddGirlsInAd. “This initiative I am joining helps -whether they study advertising, marketing, production, photography, work in an agency or the ones who see the message- not only see my name, together with the agency that is supporting me, but see a powerful message: 'I can be there, be a VP, be a referrence in the industry'" she commented.

Figueroa has be in advertising for 15 years and feels that it is extremely important to inspire women. "To have a position like this generates a responsibility, both to generate equality and to balance messages in the communication we do, so they stop seeing us as objects, for stereotypes to end, so processes in agencies change" she added.

She highlighted that in Mexico gender equality in creative industries is becoming more balanced. "Women have found inspiration, we have recommended each other, made ourselves noticed, but it is also fair to say that in my case, many men bet on my talent and pushed me to always trust in what I know how to do."

“Today there are more women in creative departments, more Creative Directors, more Directors of Commercials, more Producers, Photographers, but there is still a long way to go. We are not the only ones responsible for shining and showing our talent, agencies and clients must turn their gaze on us and empower us" she ended.