Argentina is the first Latin American country preferred by Spaniards and Mexico is the second
Parrot Analytics: Spaniards prefer European contents over Latin American ones
10 de julio de 2018

In general, Spaniards prefer European contents over Latin American ones, according to a report published by Parrot Analytics, with data on global TV demand, that does not include content in English (from the US, United Kingdom and Ireland).

As opposed to what one may believe, that Spaniards prefer content made in Latin America because of the language they share, the data on demand reveal that this is not the case. “In 21%, Spanish audiences prefer content from Europe over content from Latin America.”

The research revealed that Swedish content has a strong, 49% advantage over Argentinean content, that is in second place in the total chart, but at the top of the list in Latin American countries.

For their part, Mexico is in the fifth place in all European and Latin American countries in terms of preference, and the second in Latin American content demand by Spaniards.

The preferences regarding general content in Spain, the Argentinean series Soy Luna, from Disney, is the most important title from Latin America, whereas the second most requested is Doble Tentación from Chile’s Mega.