Alejandro Rojas, Director for Latin America at Parrot Analytics

Parrot Analytics: The “genetics” of content determines its long life
11 de julio de 2019

Alejandro Rojas, Director for Latin America at Parrot Analytics, assured that in the company they are analyzing the demand of thousands of TV programs and they break them down into their “gene” contents, identifying the elements that determine their success or failure.

The expression of demand is the global metrics created by Parrot Analytics to represent the total demand expressed by the audience of a series in a market. They analyze all the platforms, languages and markets. The demand reflects how the audience wishes, follows, and interacts, allowing the adjustment of each action according to its importance, so that downloads or streaming have a greater value than the comments or likes on social networks.

“That is why we are able to know that even though the topic ‘narcos’ has fragmented, in general, it continues to be popular in Mexico. And that is just an example of what we can do. We are currently supporting productions from the beginning all the way to their distribution, through processes that tap into the access to exclusive data we have to interpret and give an edge to those who use it,” stated Rojas.

Rojas explained that in the process of understanding what works, how and why content works, they analyze internal factors such as content, language music, directors, studios topics, genres, original country, showrunner, among others, as well as external factors such as how the contents may travel, windowing and access, platform, global trends and marketing effectiveness, for example.

In the process of making decisions on the content, he added, they accompany their clients to determine what to produce, identify blank spaces and latent demand, as well as how to do it by establishing an audience profile and an intelligent casting. Likewise, how to finance it, establishing the partnership affinities, how to distribute it according to the windows [ventaneo] and competition, and how to monetize it through information on licensing.

“Understanding the success factors of programs ranging from Club de Cuervos to La Rosa de Guadalupe is the key to reduce production risks, also to understand which programs have the greatest traction on each SVOD platform allows us to approach specific audiences with the adequate product, and the great advantage of having the global demand standard, that is even used by the Guinness World Records to define the most popular TV programs in the world” he explained.