Original content as See from Apple TV+ is one of the programs that are above the demand of others in TV the US

Parrot tracks demand of Apple TV+ contents
08 de noviembre de 2019

Before the debut of Apple TV+ on Friday, November 1, Parrot Analytics tracked the demand of the service contents launches, including See, For all Mankind, Dickinson, and The Morning Show. The OTT will have a monthly cost of US$4.99 and will be initially available in more than 100 countries.According to the data of demand obtained in the last six days (October 21 to 27) before the launch, the company discovered that the next Apple TV+ programs are far ahead of the average demand TV programs have in the US throughout the same period of time.

See and For All Mankind are already attracting 11.7 and 11.1 times more demand than the average television program in the US before the launch, respectively. Dickinson has recorded 3.3 times the average of the demand, whereas The Morning Show has achieved 1.8 times the average in the US in the last seven days.

Parrot Analytics also compared the demand before the launch in the US and the world of the four main Apple TV+ series with those of other successful programs, like the first season of Hulu´s Handmaid's Tale, where See is 897% ahead, For All Mankind 842%, Dickinson 184% and The Morning Show 54%, in the period before the launch of their season number one in the US. However, in most of the international markets, The Handmaid's Tale in its period of five days before the launch was ahead of the demand five days before the launch of Apple TV+ series.

They also compared the demand before the launch of original Apple TV+ series during the period of six days (21 to 27 of October), with the demand before the launch of The Umbrella Academy from Netflix (5 to 11 February), one of the most requested series in the US. Parrot discovered that the demand before the launch of For all Mankind is 54% ahead of the prelaunch of The Umbrella Academy in a comparable period of seven days.

“According to the demand we are experiencing, the promotion of Apple TV+ series in the US has put them in a position to have national success. However, they must rapidly accelerate their international commercialization if they expect to be a key player in global streaming wars," points out Courtney Williams, Head of Partnerships, Parrot Analytics. “The asset advantage and continuous penetration of hardware will be key nationwide and should provide the necessary foundation to boost the demand worldwide".

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