The Brazilian telenovela Gabriela (55x45´)

Pasiones premieres Brazilian telenovela Gabriela
19 de agosto de 2016

The Brazilian telenovela Gabriela (55x45´) will premiere in the US on Pasiones on Monday, August 22 at 10pm. The production is based on the timeless literary work of Jorge Amado and is set in an era governed by rigid traditions and oppression. It tells the story of a naïve yet provocative immigrant who comes to a northeastern city in Brazil and mesmerizes all with her beauty and sensuality. The novella achieved over 25 million viewers with 30 audience points and a 58% share during its finale in Brazil according to the press release. The cast includes Juliana Paes, Antonio Fagundes and Marcelo Serrado. Pasiones has 4.5 million subscribers in the US and is distributed by most of the largest cable, satellite and telecommunications providers in the country.