Patricio Wills, president of Estudios Televisa

Patricio Wills from Televisa: We increased the investment in production to make more than 2 thousand hours of annual content
Vanessa Maldonado|14 de agosto de 2018

Televisa will continue its bet on fiction, now with innovative ingredients, assured Patricio Wills, president of Estudios Televisa, who added that the company produces between 1,500 and 2 thousand hours of annual content and will seek to exceed that number with productions packages that range from classic telenovelas, short and long series, to science fiction and other genres never before included in their different screens.

“Beyond those numbers, what we are interested in is the quality of the products. We are investing more money in the screen, in production, and with this we will manage to have better contents for Mexico, the US, and the international market," explained Wills.

The executive highlighted the changes in content consumption and the way to watch TV, that is why "our responsibility is to offer original competitive products for all the screens. Fiction is and will be the main axis, along with classic telenovelas we will continue to make, but improved and evolved. We will have action and science fiction series which haven't been seen regularly on screen, but in the telenovela genre. We are preparing others for Canal Cinco such as La Bella y Las Bestias, launched on August 13, as well as a package we are developing, that is aimed towards diversity”.

Finally, he mentioned that any space and schedule is an opportunity that will be used to promote their contents.