Wills joined Televisa as president of Televisa Estudios on Monday, March 5
Patricio Wills: The challenge in my position as president of Televisa Estudios is to give contents a contemporary and innovative tone
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|06 de marzo de 2018

Televisa appointed Patricio Wills as Head of the Content Production area, in the position of president of Televisa Estudios, with the assignment to continue with the contemporary, innovative and updated tone in the contents they generate, a change Rosy Ocampo began a few months ago. She is now back to her position as producer. Content production will be for Televisa and other platforms outside the company.

“Being president of Televisa Estudios fills me with pride, enthusiasm, motivation, and leads me to seek paths to partner with this huge talent they have and with their famous producers. My contribution will be to update and give a contemporary tone to the marvelous television they have always done. I am full of enthusiasm and challenges. Starting a career at this age,” explained Wills, who is also the creator of W Studios.

He furthered that all the production of Televisa (except sports and news), programming for open TV, channels 2, 5 and 9, everything that is made for cable, Blim and other platforms is under his responsibility: “The concept we want to deliver is that Televisa is not only the most important production company in the world, but that it can produce for anyone, not exclusively for its own channels. We are open to seeking co-productions and partnerships. We will do whatever others do not.”

He highlighted that innovation is the key topic of this restructuring, “and that is where we are aiming our efforts”, mentioning that Televisa started this work months ago with Rosy Ocampo and the pilot season, “and of course we are going to continue doing it”.

To end, he explained that users will find an even greater diversity of products than the ones they now offer, “they will find other types of formats, some of higher quality, others with greater vocation, but [it will be] a big content portfolio, which we will all consolidate, being the biggest content company in the world.”