Televisa will produce what channels, cable operators, pay TV, Univision and much more need

Patricio Wills: The mission is to create a production company that is independent of Televisa platforms
08 de marzo de 2018

With the arrival of Patricio Wills, Televisa seeks to become a production company that is independent of the company's platforms. That is how the executive describes the instructions he received. He mentioned that the sensation he feels when walking around Televisa is amazing. The perception is that the company, with its channels and its partnership with Univision, has the enormous capability of offering numerous platforms, access, and a level of audience that can be clearly defined as the two biggest markets in Spanish worldwide: Mexico and the US. "I am thrilled to say that we are going to produce what channels, cable operators, pay TV, and Univision need, and we will produce for everybody."

Responsible for all the production of Televisa (except sports and news), programming for open TV, channels 2, 5 and 9, whatever is made for cable, Blim and other platforms, he says that “the concept they want to convey is that Televisa is not only the most important production company worldwide, but that it produces for anyone, not just exclusively for its own channels. We are open to seeking coproductions and partnerships. If something needs to be made we will do it."

Wills, who isn't new in Mexico, since he was previously president of Telemundo Studios, set up Telemundo Mexico, making several novelas. When he left Telemundo, he signed with Televisa a 9-year agreement to produce series, until he created W Studios, company that made a pact with Lemon Films for it to be the company's filmmaker.