Patrick Casal

Patrick Casal of Xandr: Ads by CTV improve brand preference and performance metrics
Liz Unamo|07 de noviembre de 2021

For Patrick Casal, Sr. Director, LatAm at Xandr, this is an important moment for premium video content, as media types converge and audience behaviors diverge, more complexity and nuance is added to each phase of a campaign workflow, from its creation to its execution.

Ensuring the effective use of this format is becoming increasingly complex, and decision makers in the industry need tools to navigate the complexities of advanced television and video convergence. “Our 2021 State of Convergence and Advanced TV report not only shows the most powerful statistics for advertisers and publishers in five major markets (US, Australia, UK, France and Germany), but also offers a roadmap to take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the challenges of video evolution, from the budget phase to the campaign measurement,” he explained to PRODU.

Ad spending on CTV is estimated to increase by US$ 18.29 billion between now and 2024, so we are living in the golden age of premium video content for viewers, according to the Xandr report.

“Increased ad spend on CTV has multiple benefits for industry decision makers. Traditionally, TV ad buyers have only been able to target rough demographic data, such as age and gender. CTV is driven by real-time data, which provides the opportunity for accurate targeting at the local, household, or even at a device level.”

He added that marketers can now use first-source data from their own CRM system and transaction records, online data such as website visits, and available digital segments that indicate, for example, how many children live in a household or what is the user’s occupation, to identify when and where to reach the desired audience. “Thereby, CTV ads improve brand preference and performance metrics, among many other benefits.”

For those brands that haven't started researching video convergence, he recommends training on the subject. “Educational is very important within Xandr and also that clients and partners know that they can count on us, so that together we can achieve business objectives. Hence, we recommend reading this report as a first step. On the other hand, advertising decision makers around the world are aware of many of the benefits of automation and video convergence, but they also are aware that their level of adoption varies. Therefore, we recommend selecting the right partners and building relationships that help drive success: particularly those with technology and experience in both television and digital, with a focus on the future of premium video advertising.”

View the 2021 State of Convergence and Advanced TV here