Paula Corella

Paula Corella from Founders: A Creative Idea Based On Solutions Is One That Offers True Value To Users

Liz Unamo|26 de enero de 2020

In the new age of advertising, beyond a change of role, there is an issue of adaptability, in which the industry and consumers demand creativity with greater agility and efficiency, as explained Paula Corella, Creative Director of Founders. “Today, we live in age of multitasking”. 

A creative idea based on solutions is one that offers true value to users. "For them, it is necessary to get in their skin and not take for granted what they want and are looking for. This requires being constantly on guard and accepting that the main thing that worked in the past will not necessarily work now".

Corella, one of the key leaders of Founders, states that the agencies that are going to have a brilliant future are independent ones. "Only those that change the traditional, heavy model are going to subsist. Talent has gradually migrated towards startups and to spaces in which their work transcends without so much paperwork". In her opinion, this year`s trends include that brands will be forced to offer clear stances on social, political, and even economic topics, as well as personalization and active experiences.