Ben Smith, SVP at Hulu’s User Experience
PAY TV SHOW- Hulu: Users are in a transition
Alfredo Yánez, Denver|31 de mayo de 2018

Under the premise that TV has always gone through changes, and in consequence, it is necessary to make the most of the lessons learned, Ben Smith, SVP at Hulu’s User Experience, highlighted during his presentation in the Pay TV Show celebrated in Denver, Colorado, that users are in a transition in how they are watching TV.

“We discuss if it is necessary to offer live TV or on demand. That is not the point, because, in the end, we only offer TV. When, where and how it is viewed is the transition operators are going through, and users know they can watch it when, where and how they want to.”

He mentioned that “the audience changes when things happen in the world. He quoted the example of what happened on September 6, 2017: CNN went off due to a hurricane. Until noon when college soccer began.”

In the relation between audience and operators, he sentenced that “the user is much more than just an algorithm. You know more about what you want than us,” and detailed that “the algorithm has to serve the viewer, integrate the viewer in the process.”

Smith announced that Hulu will unveil soon novelties regarding the optimization of the service for mobile.