Julio Di-Bella: Suddenly, the Internet became the water bottle in the desert
Pay-TV subscribers reducing their package in Mexico
Ríchard Izarra/Maribel Ramos-Weiner|18 de junio de 2020

One of the effects the pandemic has caused among pay-TV subscribers in Mexico is that they have reduced the level of the package they hire, commented Julio Di-Bella, former director of Canal Once, PCTV, Mexico Travel Channel and Star TV, an expert in media and TV, during his interview on #PRODUprimetime with Richard Izarra.

“If I had a pay-TV premium channels service, now I am asking for the basic package but with more Internet. Suddenly, the Internet became the water bottle in the desert," adds Di-Bella.

He mentioned that in the 25 years that he has been in the business, in Mexico they continue to hire pay TV to watch open TV channels well. "When you see pay-TV analysis regarding what people used to watch before the pandemic it was the repetitions of open TV programs, mainly in the Valley of Mexico. This already changed in these more or less 70 days. Now, you watch it on primetime. You don`t wait," he said.

He explained that the pandemic caught TV stations and platforms by surprise. “They never imagined we were going to be home for more than 70 days". He mentioned that platforms that started with a great drive launching entire seasons are now launching them week by week.

He detailed that there are two topics programmers must be very sensitive to things such as the exchange rate that in moments like this one "is your worst enemy" and leaving some signals open to entertaining people in their homes.

He admitted that the government does not offer support nor incentives to this activity. "This is going to take a long time. It is up to us to move forward: being more supportive and working more on teamwork," he ended.

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