Pedro Torres, CEO, and founder of Curiosity

Pedro Torres celebrates 40 years in the industry: We will be making 10-minute series in a year and a half
Aliana Gonzalez, Mexico City|07 de junio de 2018

Pedro Torres, CEO, and founder of Curiosity celebrates 40 years in the industry and keeps looking forward. His proposal is to strengthen and internationalize his company, that works with social networks, with ties in South America and the US, and to produce, in a year and a half, 10-minute-long series. “I made many series and TV programs for many years, so now we are going to take a break and see that things settle,” he stated, after commenting that he is convinced that series will be very short, will engage people emotionally, and will be very fragmented stories.

“In 10 years, it will be amazing. I want to have a hub of Young people who come blow my mind and increase my curiosity,” he stated, after commenting that the tech advance for the TV área will bring relevant changes that are going to affect production mechanisms.”

He made a brief review of the moments that have marked his 40 years of history in the industry: the shift from celuloide to postproduction in video in the 70s; work with commercials during the 80s, and the beginning of videoclips with touches similar to those of commercials, after a call from the singer Enmanuel, to later continue with other videoclips, such as the well-known ones that boosted Luis Miguel’s career; in the 90s, the arrival of realities, with Big Brother from Endemol which he led for Televisa, and, as of 2010, the challenge of social networks, on which they now work.