PepsiCo's Beverage and Frito-Lay Brands Unite for Joint NFL Playoff Campaign, Road to Super Bowl
13 de enero de 2022

As the playoff season kicks off this weekend, Frito-Lay and PepsiCo Beverage brands are teaming up for Road to Super Bowl, a campaign taking fans on an adventure leading up to Super Bowl LVI with the help of five beloved Super Bowl champions: Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Jerome Bettis, Victor Cruz and Terry Bradshaw.

The campaign is the latest in a decades-old relationship with the NFL and Super Bowl, and one of the best times of year to celebrate a savory, crunchy Frito-Lay snack with a cool, refreshing PepsiCo beverage.

"PepsiCo is synonymous with the gameday viewing experience, and no other company can bring together snacks and beverages for the complete NFL package," said Greg Lyons, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo Beverages North America. "We know that 90 percent of households will be enjoying snacks and beverages together on Super Bowl Sunday, but this year, we're starting the journey to L.A. a little early with some of our favorite brands."

"We wanted to start the playoff season in a joyful, celebratory way, so we're featuring legendary players and iconic brands all in one fun-filled campaign," Rachel Ferdinando, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Frito-Lay North America. "From the start of the road trip to the pit stops along the way, the journey is fueled by the best in snacks and beverages – game-day favorites that only PepsiCo can deliver."