Perla Farías, writer of Telemundo Studios: One of the writers' needs is to be a mirror of what we are living

Perla Farías: The current moment has exceeded fiction

Ríchard Izarra/Maribel Ramos-Weiner|21 de abril de 2020

According to Perla Farías, writer of Telemundo Studios, the current moment “has exceeded fiction”. Farías, who participated in PRODU PrimeTime with Ríchard Izarra, commented she has just finished writing the second season of Falsa Identidad, adding that in all the years she has been working, it was the closing that has cost her most in terms of concentration "because what we are living at a global scale is hallucinating. It has been an exercise of willpower”.

Consulted on how the pandemic changes her work, she highlighted that she still doesn`t know to what extent it is going to change many habits and worldviews. "One of the writers` needs is to be a mirror of what we are living, although it is not clear how this film ends," she said.

Regarding how scriptwriting has changed in the last few years, she mentioned that the demand is greater because, in the US, they compete with the entire US market and all the platforms. "There is a greater demand at the level of scripts than when I started, that was 6 episodes per week. Today, when we reach three, we are exhausted. It is much more rigorous work,” she detailed.

She also spoke about Juana la Virgen, whose Anglo Saxon version (Jane the Virgin) was successfully taken to the screen in the US. “The North American version was an excellent adaptation to their audience in a comedy format. When something is solid in its genesis, it has that possibility for transformation and it is wonderful," she ended.

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