Alberto Slezynger, founder of Personal Music

Personal Music: We have been creating emotions for contents through music for 21 years
23 de abril de 2019

Alberto Slezynger, the founder of Personal Music, is a composer and singer-songwriter established in Miami for 21 years, where he is devoted to creating music for commercials and film and TV contents.

“Music is what makes up drama, passion, joy, you have to reflect all the emotions with music. At Personal Music we are dedicated to the occupation of creating emotions with music. When you add that to the screen or an advertising piece, emotions are tripled," explained Slezynger.

Personal Music has made the music for productions like Dueños del Paraíso, ¿Quién es Quién? and Marido en Alquiler. In advertising, he has made the music for the commercial It's A Tide Ad, considered the Best Super Bowl Ad in 2018.

What distinguishes Personal Music, assured Slezynger, is that it partners with its clients to develop a piece in which both parts raise the possibilities of what is created. "In series and telenovelas, we get together with producers and even writers to delve into the story of the production and thus be able to reflect what the story needs in terms of music."

Slezynger believes that Miami has changed and grown a great deal throughout the 21 years he has been living in the city. "It is the home of vital productions, the most important in Latin America, where productions of the highest level are made. When I arrived in Miami, there wasn´t an international music company. When we settled here, many people who worked with companies in New York or Los Angeles began working with us and Miami, in general, started to grow and be present in the map of global content production."