Andrew McCollum said that he is optimistic regarding the future and trusts the ability to grow rapidly. CNET's Joane Salisman was the moderator

Philo a great option for reducing programming costs
01 de septiembre de 2020

The OTT Philo, led by Andrew McCollum as its CEO, started as a university service before being offered to the general audience. In the context of the OTT Blitz Week organized by Fierce Video, McCollum had participation, chaired by Joane Salisman from CNET where he commented that they have not increased the prices of their packages, although more than 50% of their competitors have.

The OTT made the decision to not do live sports and focus on entertainment. "Philo offers certain live events, but during the pandemic, most of them have been affected. The pandemic has not only been a health emergency, but also an economic one, and Philo is a great option for people who are seeking to lower programming costs. I believe that in general, TV is very lasting and content has never been more attractive than now," he explained.

He said that they are optimistic regarding the future and trust their ability to grow rapidly. In 2019, they grew by 300% and at the start of the year, they already had 80% before the beginning of the pandemic.

He furthered that they launched Philo Connect for Chromecast, which offers the same functionality control they have from the table with the mobile phone. "Any device the Philo app has can handle the experience using the interfaz from the phone, like remote control,” he mentioned.