Piece of My Heart

Picture Tree International with European commercial titles
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|01 de diciembre de 2020

Picture Tree International took to MIPCancun an offer with 90% of European content with very commercial titles. Picture Tree International was founded by Andreas Rothbauer who handles the company together with Yuan Rothbauer, co-General Director since 2017.

“For many countries, the European content has been considered alternative and that is not true. We mainly have commercial titles that would easily entertain the Latin American audience,” explains Rocío Bonavita, from Sales & Markets at Picture Tree International GmbH

The titles in the offer she mentioned include Buladó, Hollands selection for the Academy Awards; Wu Hai, that is participating in the San Sebastián Festival; Lo Que Queremos, a Netflix original and selection from Austria for the Academy Awards; the horror film Motel Acacia, the comedy A Stasi Comedy, the drama Helene; the romantic comedy Piece of My Heart, a blockbuster in Sweden; the German comedy Welcome to Germany; the trilogy from the franchise Fack Ju Goethe, from where the remake of No Manches Frida from Lionsgate and Pantelion Films stemmed. “In the last few months, we successfully sold in the region the German titles God, You’re Such a Prick, 100 Things and Nightlife. All Warner Bros. Germany productions),” she said.