Gabriel Sandoval from Editorial Planeta presented three projects on the Pitch Literario of the FICG

Planeta: We have placed near 15 projects on platforms like Netflix and Amazon
Vanessa Maldonado, Guadalara|24 de junio de 2022

The Editorial Director of Planeta México and Latin American Director of Transmedia Content was part of the encounter El Pitch Guadalajara Literario in the Industry section of the International Film Festival of Guadalajara, where he presented three titles that can be purchased to be turned into series or films, that are added to others already placed on platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

“We work in different ways: on one hand, we have books that authors bring and on the other we have a Content Lab with topics that we are devising that can be turned into novels or narrations, such as La Estafa Maestra and Cortejo from Perú, and Mi Hermanastro from Colombia. Some were born from an interaction between the publishing house and the authors and others like novels that have already been made” he commented.

Sandoval highlighted that, being part of a media holding that includes Atresmedia Studios and Antena 3, at some point “we wondered why not make a bridge between these two worlds. It was created four years in Spain and more than two years ago in Latin America, otherwise, there was a great deal of content that was not converted to other formats”.

As for the texts that have already been placed, he mentioned that between 12 and 15 stories in different genres have been placed in different countries, with Netflix as the first streaming platform that trusted their stories: "This opened up the doors to other partners and that is how we have works like Omar Torrijos, one of the great Panamanian presidents and this one with Jaguar Films; we placed Tenebra by Daniel Krauze with El Estudio; Mario Mendoza in Colombia is signed with Amazon and El Aboganster with Carlos Bolado. Now, more possibilities are opening up”.

He highlighted that being a regional company, they have stories from everywhere, so they recently opened offices in the US. This operation was conducted from Mexico but now has its own representative.

Finally, he said that his work also consists in creating or hiring the IP, which is attractive for an audiovisual creator because it is already made, “you just have to adapt them. Depending on the business model we make with each buyer, we will hand over the IP or work together with them on the strategic process until we have the script”.