César Benítez, founder of Plano a Plano

Plano a Plano: We hope that Los Niños de Morelia is the first of other projects with Dopamine
Marcela Tedesco, Buenos Aires|16 de agosto de 2019

Los Niños de Morelia, a co-production of Plano a Plano from Spain and Dopamine from Mexico, is in the script development phase with a team made up of a Mexican scriptwriter and a Spanish scriptwriter.

“We have chosen this combination because the story is shot in both countries, although the Mexican part has greater weight, that is where most of the story takes place," mentioned César Benítez, founder of Plano a Plano.

According to Plano a Plano, that is always looking for ways to collaborate with other countries, Los Niños de Morelia appeared as an important opportunity. “It is a story that unfolds in a historical moment when many Spaniards had to leave their country running away from the war, a very dramatic thing that is further aggravated when it is about children. Luckily, many of them could go to Mexico where they were welcomed, met a new society and grew up to become men and women," added Benítez.

He also emphasized that working with Dopamine is a pleasant experience and that he is convinced that this project will be the first of many other collaborations together.