Sebastián Isaza of Pluto TV said that this AVOD offers two experiences: one online, with curated channels, and the VOD experience

Pluto TV: 91% of users are satisfied with the ads on the platform
23 de julio de 2021

Sebastián Isaza, Campaign Regional Manager of Pluto TV, said that this AVOD offers two experiences: one online, with curated channels, and the VOD experience. During his presentation, entitled: AVOD Service: A New Challenge for Brands, he mentioned among the attributes of Pluto TV that it is an easy-to-use and intuitive platform, it offers an immediate experience 100% free and innovative and updated experiences and has a great variety of channels, not just content. "It is very precise about who we want to reach and how to reach them," he said.

97% of the users surveyed said they were delighted that they did not have to pay a subscription, "on Pluto TV that immediacy feels very organic," he pointed out. 98% highlighted access to quality content for free. “It's a pretty explosive mix. In Latin America we were not used to having a platform of these characteristics,” said Isaza.

He added that advertising on the platform has a high degree of acceptance: 91% of users are satisfied with the ads that are on the platform and 66% find that advertising on Pluto TV is better than on other similar platforms.

He indicated that the mix of 10-minute programming with two-minute ad pods has been well accepted.

Other interesting data from Pluto TV users in LatAm are: 45% discover a new service or product through the platform; 34% learn about this new product or service within Pluto TV. and 19% end up making a final decision about this product or service.

Isaza mentioned that they invite brands to go beyond the traditional advertisement, to participate more natively with the content, and gave us an example the Ideal Weekend campaign for Peugeot that made a 22-minute native video and is included in the Travel carousel of Pluto TV's VOD offer.

Everyone wins. "Consumers receive customized content offered by more than 180 partners, a wide variety of choices on which platform they want to view, and quality content," he said.

He added that for brands Pluto TV offers a safe and curated environment, allowing them to identify how and when they are investing and connection opportunities.