Tom Ryan: Pluto TV en español category will be home to over 45 channels, a combination of renamed, existing, and 20 all-new channels

Pluto TV to unveil expanded Spanish category
28 de abril de 2021

Pluto TV will unveil on May 5th Pluto TV en español  —a bold new update and expansion to their dedicated category for US Hispanics, further establishing the service as the most comprehensive, one-stop-destination to stream English & Spanish speaking content - for free. 

Pluto TV currently streams to over 43 million monthly active users across three continents and 25 countries. With this expansion, Pluto TV’s US Hispanic offerings will double, with nearly 50 Spanish-speaking channels across the platform, totaling over one-fifth of Pluto TV’s overall channel line-up.

Pluto TV was first to market in 2019 with the launch of its pioneering Pluto TV Latino category, now to be known as Pluto TV en español, renamed to reflect and appeal to the rich tapestry of the US Hispanic community.

The expanded category will be home to over 45 channels, a combination of renamed, existing, and 20 all-new channels. The hand-picked content will feature multiple genres including movies, reality and scripted series, news, novelas, anime, and more with select titles available on-demand.

The category will contain both dubbed and Spanish original language content to be enjoyed by every member of the family. The Pluto TV en español category joins an existing 200 channels on the platform and over 150,000 hours of premium streaming content, for free, in English and Spanish.

Pluto TV en español was designed to have broad appeal with a heightened focus on curated channels crafted to deliver a wide variety of programming, using popular series, themes and genres that are unique to the Mexican, South American, Central American, Puerto-Rican and Caribbean cultures. From wrestling to automobiles, telenovelas to thrillers, music and comedy and more - there is something for everyone.

“In 2019, we introduced a dedicated category for US Hispanics offering thousands of hours of free, Spanish-language, premium streaming entertainment and followed in 2020 launching Pluto TV across 17 Latin American countries. Now, we are building on that strategy and success by bringing even more programming, channels and genres to meet the increasing demand for streaming throughout the U.S. Hispanic community. Pluto TV en español delivers the best of both worlds, a dedicated category of nearly 50 curated channels reflecting the multiethnic, multilingual diversity of the community alongside an additional 200 channels of streaming entertainment in English,” said Tom Ryan, President & CEO, ViacomCBS Streaming.

For the first time, Spanish-speaking news programming will debut in the category with EuroNews, EstrellaTV, Estrella News and Telefe Noticias.

New channels to the category also include: Cine XOXO, ¡¡Cine jaja!!, Nashville en español, Viaje a las estrellas, Emergencia 911, Mundo paranormal, Hell's Kitchen en español, Sony Canal Comedias, Entre nosotras, Sony Canal Escape Perfecto, Nosey escándalos, beIN SPORTS XTRA en español, Naruto en español, Yu-Gi-Oh! en español and more.

For ease of discovery, Nick Latino, Nick Jr. Latino, and Bebecito Bum y sus amigos will remain in the Pluto TV Kids category and Vevo Latino and Vevo Reggaeton & Trap in the Pluto TV MUSIC category.