Donna Speciale, president of Marketing and Advertising Sales, at the event Una nueva visión at Univision

Premium content is the key to growth
26 de marzo de 2021

The virtual event Una nueva visión at Univision took place Wednesday, March 24th with the interventions of Wade Davis, CEO of the company, and Donna Speciale, president of Marketing and Advertising Sales.

Speciale opened the event with a few words in Spanish and commented that Univision is growing alongside the US Hispanic community. “When you include the Hispanic audience, you grow, and you grow fast. When you speak to the Hispanic audience in their language, you create an eternal connection.”

She presented Davis as "a visionary" who will take the company to new heights. Davis said that they have an ambitious agenda, that they will build “on our position of leadership” to offer more reach, and more tools to grow, “with more powerful content, new platforms and new solutions”.

He also introduced the dream team. On the content side: Luis Silberwasser, president of the Networks group; Jessica Rodríguez, president of Entertainment and CMO; Daniel Coronell, president of News; and Juan Carlos Rodríguez, president of Sports. "We will be making investments in content that Spanish-language television has never seen before in the US and perhaps in the world."

Pierluigi Gazzolo, president of Univision Communications and executive director of Transformation, will be responsible for the new platforms, "who worked with me at Viacom for 15 years," said Davis; and Donna Speciale, president of Marketing and Advertising Sales. He added that they will make Univision the global leader in Spanish-language media.

“Premium content is the key to growth”, Speciale highlighted. That is why they continue to add content on all fronts: entertainment, music, sports and news.

She also announced that in soccer they will bring back the Copa América, and assured that with more than 60 years in the market, they are the leaders among Hispanics, in English or in Spanish, from early in the morning with Despierta América, which has more Hispanic audience than GMA and Today combined, and that the show will also begin airing on Sundays starting in the fourth quarter of 2021.

She also said that many of the advertisers think they can reach Spanish-speaking communities with advertising in English. There are approximately 1,900 advertisers on TV in English, but only 400 advertise in Spanish.