Sean Cunningham of VAB, Matt Scheckner of Advertising Week and, Anna Carugati of WSN, Inc.

Premium video advertising is solid

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|19 de noviembre de 2019

“The reason why the premium content advertising market is so strong today is because loyalty goes beyond reason," expressed Matt Scheckner, Global CEO of Advertising Week during the talk “Content Matters/Context Matters,” in the Premium Video Advertising Summit.

The conversation was chaired by Anna Carugati, Director of the Editorial Group of the WSN, Inc. and also included the participation of Sean Cunningham, president, and CEO of VAB.

Scheckner added that there is no illness called fragmentation, that the American consumer does not complain about fragmentation. “Fragmentation is a marketer´s dream,” he explained. He mentioned that the important thing is to determine how to monetize that content. “It´s never been a more exciting time”.

Cunningham commented that changes are now happening faster. “We are all watching content, but now on more devices. In Latin America, it is still a great business to watch TV at home, but double-digit growth has changed. This is a new business, reinvented over the foundation of an old model," he said.

He highlighted that the Upfront market in the US grew double-digit this year and the scattered market 60%. He added that the main advertisers are Google, Facebook, and Apple. On TV the main advertiser is P&G, followed by Facebook, Amazon, and Google. He mentioned that during the broadcast of the World Series, YouTube TV was advertised all the time. “They cannot live without TV to promote their business,” expressed Cunningham.