Agustín Elissondo, CEO of Livepanel

PRODU and Livepanel launch PRODU trends
09 de abril de 2021

PRODU, in association with Livepanel, a 100% mobile platform that promotes a new methodology for conducting consumer surveys, launched its first package of research results under the title PRODU trends, with audience and consumption data. In this first study, the information was collected through mobile surveys (MATI methodology - Mobile Assisted Touch Interview), from a structured questionnaire in a period between March 11 and 17, 2021. In total, 2,656 interviews were conducted with national covering in Argentina (504 cases), Chile (203), Colombia (1102) and Mexico (847).

“Livepanel disrupts the market research and public opinion market with a new differential paradigm regarding the use of research panels. Its MATI (Mobile Assisted Touch Interview) methodology allows the creation of panels with dynamic audiences of people with smartphones with wide coverage throughout the region. Based on mobile digital recruitment campaigns, Livepanel has a daily active base of users available for its clients to obtain stated information in an agile way and at the best cost. These audiences rotate in different proportions and at different speeds, thus achieving coverage and less bias,” said Agustín Elissondo, CEO of Livepanel.

Livepanel has almost total coverage in Latin America and its services are regularly used by research agencies, analytics consultants and service companies, mass consumption and media with a data driven culture.

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