Ana Piñeres, CMO and Egeda; Catalina Porto, Caracol TV´s La Productora; Carolina Ibargüen, Kantar IBOPE Media; and Lina Cáceres, LatinWE

PRODU Webinar ¡Colombianas Berracas!: Training and making visible women are key to their advancement in the industry
Marcela Tedesco|27 de agosto de 2021

The webinar ¡Colombianas Berracas! Women who have succeeded in the Colombian audiovisual industry, within the framework the Colombia Special, brought together Ana Piñeres, COO, partner, creative producer and executive of CMO Group and president of Egeda Colombia; Catalina Porto, executive manager of La Productora of Caracol Televisión; Carolina Ibargüen, general manager of Kantar IBOPE Media Colombia, and Lina Cáceres, Digital VP of LatinWE.

Ibargüen, who leads KIND, Kantar's campaign on inclusion and diversity in the region and is a member of Women in Connection, shared data that accounts for the situation of women in the workplace. She indicated that, on the boards of directors of Latin American companies, only 19% are women and in Colombia, the figure drops to 15%. However, while in 2018 the ratio was 15% versus 85%, in 2021 it was 18.7% versus 81.3% (LatAm). “This means that we are moving. We must continue working to make women visible,” she said.

Cáceres pointed out that the digital world gives prominence to women, gender diversity, and environmental awareness. "The digital world amplifies voices and celebrates differences," she said. The executive also emphasized the importance of training constantly to earn a place in the market.

Piñeres attributed CMO’s success to the berraquera, her own and of her partners, Clara María Ochoa. “To develop as a boutique producer, 21 years ago, we had to be the best of the best. At fairs, business deals are closed during the evening, with drinks and girls, where women are not invited. The content had to be very good because either it will reach a deal during market hours or nothing.”

For Porto, preparing for excellence is the most important thing in order to succeed, as well as having support among women. On the other hand, she emphasized that also with training and values such as inclusion, Colombia will succeed and be the country that Colombians need. She highlighted the importance of tax incentives for the production and promotion of Colombia in the world.

Certainly, Piñeres agreed, thanks to tax incentives, Colombian productions soared. "A great contribution from the orange economy," she said.

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