The webinar featured Carlos Rojas, Gustavo Castro, Ángel Zambrano and Adrián Garelik

PRODU webinar discussed the paradigm shifts of digitization
05 de mayo de 2021

PRODU webinars continue to debate and analyze the industry and the scenarios that are impacting today’s world with a new webinar: The new paradigms due to digitization.

In 2020 the pandemic accelerated changes and consumption habits that were already in process, adding also new ones, so how do producers, platforms, and media agencies adapt to the new model?

This question opened the webinar that included Carlos Rojas Girao, Director of Operations for Mediabrands Latin America; Ángel Zambrano, president of Condeco; Adrián Garelik, CEO of Flixxo; and Gustavo Castro, Head of Content at Movistar Argentina. Marcela Tedesco, Senior Editor of PRODU in Argentina, hosted the debate.

Among the topics discussed by the panelists are: the need to plan and look at the general ecosystem; the acceleration of e-commerce; how the digital ecosystem opened markets within markets; the generation of local content with interesting quality and the discovery of these new content; the need for more bandwidth and fiber; the importance of data to know where to go; as well as rediscovering content.

We invite you to watch the PRODU webinar: The new paradigms that digitization brings to deepen these issues