The panelistas of the webinar ¡Mexicanas chingonas!

PRODU Webinar: Women have to prove twice that they know what they are doing
28 de julio de 2021

In a historically macho industry, there are many women who are in leadership positions and more are added each day. Are there differences between the styles of a woman and a man in the leadership at the head of a set or a company? This and much more was addressed on Wednesday 21 in a new edition of PRODU Webinar.

Carla González, CEO, Gato Grande; Rosy Ocampo, executive producer and showrunner; Verónica Hernández, CEO, Ogilvy; and Aliana González, editorial coordinator of PRODU in Mexico, as moderator, shared their vision in this regard.

All of them agree it has been a complicated road, with sacrifices at home and in the family, always with a clear goal of success. When they entered the industry years ago, women only opted for secondary positions, it is even still difficult to see women in senior management positions, "but we are working to make it more egalitarian every day," they said.

For Rosy Ocampo, women have to demonstrate twice how capable they are leading groups to reach these positions, "especially when in the recording sets 85% of the workers are men."

Carla González said that now in the US, due to inclusion issues, women, and even more Latinas, are being benefited by a job they have earned, and she reported that every day there is more equality in the industry. Her company, for example, has 50% men and 50% women employees.

Regarding the advertising sector, Verónica Hernández, expressed that many times women are the ones raising their own barrier. “We have to remove our fears and throw ourselves into what we want, which we can. It is still led by men but here we go; furthermore, I also believe that men and women are the perfect complement in the workplace.”

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