Adriana Bello, producer of Televisa’s Esta Noche

Producer Adriana Bello from Televisa's Esta Noche: This program is part of the opening that Televisa has in the aim to make the type of TV that Mexicans deserve
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de agosto de 2016

Televisa launched on Monday, August 22 at 10:30pm on Las Estrellas, the late night show Esta Noche, conducted by Arath de la Torre, and produced by Adriana Bello, who assured that this content is part of the evolution the company is undergoing in the aim to deliver a better TV to viewers. "I am a new producer in Televisa, and for the first time I was given the opportunity to carry out the TV I want to watch, the one all Mexicans deserve, the one we want to see, feel and enjoy. We need to have better contents and this format is unusual, compared to what we were used to. It has a mix of comedy and politics where we will talk about what is done in house and out, without any censorship,” explained Bello. The producer of works like Días de Gracia, explained that this program will have presence on all the platforms, and exclusive content on social networks: "We will have guests that will be in touch with the most relevant current events. With this content, the company is taking risks, as I am with them, undoubtedly. Tonight it must be seen on open TV, because it is what the audience deserves and what is worth watching,” she added. Meanwhile, Arath de la Torre applauded Televisa’s opening up to rare contents and the opportunity to talk without any censorship and to bring celebrities from other TV stations. With this program, the host will celebrate 25 years in the company.