Producer Alexis Núñez

Producer Alexis Núñez from Televisa: We finished Sabadazo as the only program on TV in Spanish that went from a morning slot to primetime
20 de septiembre de 2016

After almost six years on the air and as part of the renovation of Las Estrellas, Televisa’s main signal, the program Sabadazo ended its broadcasts on Saturday 17 -the same date than in Univision in the U.S.- and its producer Alexis Núñez spoke about the elements that kept the program a favorite of the audience, and mentioned the production of the program Por Fin Toca, that will be aired starting January 28, 2017.

“The end of the broadcasts of Sabadazo responds to the need of its main presenter, Omar Chaparro, to devote more time to making cinema and to a necessary renovation of Las Estrellas. This content was renewed each year as if it were a new program, managing to become the only one in the history of TV in Spanish that went from a morning slot to primetime,” explained the producer.

Núñez highlighted that this broadcast was always aligned with the TV viewers need, with the firm idea that “TV shouldn’t send people to social networks, but bring people on social networks to the TV screen instead. That is what we did with a very well designed strategy. TV must continue to produce with higher quality and surprise people at the time it is entertaining them.”

He announced that Por Fin Toca is in preproduction. This is a new show for Saturdays with Yordi Rosado as host, and which will be aired starting January 28, 2017: “It is a musical magazine that will contain music and the best of show biz.”