Ana Celia Urquidi mentioned she would soon return to the industry

Producer Ana Celia Urquidi: The future of the industry is focusing on series for digital platforms
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de julio de 2018

A few months after leaving TV Azteca, the producer Ana Celia Urquidi assured she is analyzing different proposals she has to return to production. Meanwhile, she delivered a talk on the TV industry in Mexico, highlighting that the future lies in series for digital platforms.

“In the last four years, there has been a substantial change, not only in the way people watch TV, but in how it is made and reproduced. Even though they say open TV will disappear, the truth is that formats will gradually adapt to an audience that is willing to continue consuming contents, but now prefers shorter ones. Things that are happening outside TV are what should interest all of us because the future of the industry is focusing on series for current digital platforms and the ones that will come in the future,” she commented.

She assured that long contents are no longer attractive for the audience, however, “the problem with open TV is economic, it is not sustainable with a 20-episode series. The costs of a series compared with a telenovela are higher and free TV cannot afford to produce them, they have to buy the finished product or make co-productions”.

She highlighted that the bet in Mexico is on making universal series exportable, as telenovelas have been: “They must have a universal language that renders them interesting in different parts of the world, quit making local products”.