Angelli Nesma

Producer Angelli Nesma from Televisa: Tres Veces Ana is one of the last long telenovelas that the company produces
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de agosto de 2016

Televisa launched on Monday August 22 at 8pm the telenovela Tres Veces Ana (122x60’), a production by Angelli Nesma and remake of Lazos de Amor. It will be one of the last long stories that the TV station will have on its screen.

"It is a different story, both in the subplots and in the narration, because we see at the same time the character’s present, past and their dreams. In technology we are betting of formats of a higher quality, using F55 cameras that deliver clearer images,” expressed the producer, who added that this is one of the last long telenovelas that Televisa will take to the screen of the channel now called Las Estrellas.

Interpreting three different characters, Angelique Boyer stated that her character -the greatest challenge in her career path- "Allowing me to be the good and the bad one at the same time is something that won’t happen to me again in my life. It is going to be difficult to wake up from this project. That it is one of the last long stories is something we must enjoy, because we are paying attention to what the audience wants and needs.”

For the writers Juan Carlos Alcalá and Rosa Salazar, this new version of Lazos de Amor only took the spine of the story to offer it a modern structure.

The stars of Tres Veces Ana are Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and David Zepeda.