Producer Carla Estrada

Producer Carla Estrada from Televisa: Silvia Pinal De Frente A Ti is the name of the biographic series we resumed shooting
Vannesa Maldonado, Mexico City|17 de noviembre de 2017

Televisa resumed the shooting of the biographic series Silvia Pinal De Frente A Ti (21x60’), based on the life of this Mexican actress, produced by Carla Estrada, who said it would cover from the 1930s until the year 2000.

“This pause at the start of the shooting was an opportunity to achieve more robust scripts and a clearer view of what we wanted to do. We still don´t have a launch date because it has a longer edition process because of the technique we are using, but we know it will be a project the audience will like very much. The audience is now more demanding regarding contents,” commented the producer.

She announced that the seven decades the story will cover will tell the changes in the woman and the print Silvia Pinal left in the film and TV industry: “We will talk about that time when doors were closed for women and how that gradually changed. This lady dared to do more, to be herself and that is what we are going to show”.

She highlighted that the cast is comprised by actors and actresses that work on projects for other companies, assuring there are no longer borders, “what we are interested in is talent”.

The series stars Itatí Cantoral and will have the participation of actresses such as Silvia Pasquel and Ernesto Laguardia.