Camila Sodi and Ignacio Casano are the new leading couple of A Que No Me Dejas (120x60')

Producer Carlos Moreno from Televisa: On November 3 we will launch the second stage of the telenovela A Que No Me Dejas
03 de noviembre de 2015

Camila Sodi and Ignacio Casano will be the stars of the telenovela A Que No Me Dejas (120x60') in its second stage, that will start being aired on November 3rd at 7:15 on Televisa´s Canal de las Estrellas. "Due to the melodramatic structure of the telenovela, I decided to have two seasons in the same story. We are about to finish the first one and in the new one there are actors who continue and many more will join", commented the producer Carlos Moreno. This second part will depict the love between Mauricio and Valentina (still in the main role as Valentina 17 years later), that will now be interpreted by Sodi (now she will play the role of the daughter) and Casano, in their teenage years. "The challenge was to update the story and contextualize it, taking into account the way young people are nowadays, so that it wasn´t discordant. This led to change this part of the story quite a bit compared to the original one (Amor en Silencio), to generate intense emotions, but keeping the essence”, commented the writer Martha Carrillo. There will be new participations, such as Erika Buenfil´s, who starred in the original version produced by Carla Estrada in 1988, as well as Martha Julia and César Évora.