Part of the cast of A Tiro Limpio: Frank Perozo, Solly Durán, Bakeró, Celinés Toribio and Tony Almont

Producer Celinés Toribio from Esencia Films: A Tiro Limpio will make history in the Caribbean and Latin American cinema
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|17 de junio de 2022

The Dominican action film, A Tiro Limpio, that will premiere in the Caribbean Cinema on the island in the first semester of 2023, directed by Jean Guerra and distributed by Spanglish Movies, according to the executive producer and actress, Celinés Toribio, “is going to make history for the Caribbean and Latin American cinema. It is a great film. The script is good. We shot the scenes with the stunts they do in Hollywood. There are scenes that have been shot with up to eight cameras”.

For his part, Gustavo R. Aparicio, CEO Spanglish Movies, emphasizes that it is “the best action film ever made in Latin America. It is a super production action film, made with the production company Guerra Films owned by Jean Guerra, Juan Luis Guerra's son”.

Toribio explains that the film is in the last months of post-production, its budget was more than US$3 million, and had the support of the Ley de Incentivos Fiscales (Fiscal Incentives Law) from the Dominican Republic. She added that the director and creator, Guerra; the producer Ricardo Bardelino and her are owners in perpetuity of the film and its sequels.

A Tiro Limpio, which started as an idea of Jean Guerra with a homonymous short film from a few years ago whose success led to the production of the film, represents -according to Toribio- a totally different proposal from what was traditional Dominican cinema for export: romantic and humor comedies. "It is an entire action plot" she detailed.

As an example of the quality of the scenes of the film and its intense action, Toribio described that, with the contacts she has in the government, they managed to have the most important overpass in Santo Domingo, the John F. Kennedy, closed for four consecutive Sundays, to shoot a gunfight and explosion sequence. "We were a trending topic on Twitter because people thought there was a real gunfight on the Kennedy overpass. Imagine seeing a gang dressed in black, in the middle of November, 12 noon, with 80 degrees, gunshots, and two police cars blowing up" she said.

“Dominican cinema is living its best moment because it is not fearful, it is well prepared, that can handle everything. We have thousands of locations: deserts, cascades, forests, botany, wild sea for surfing, calm sea with crystal clear waters” she added.

To end, she pointed out that A Tiro Limpio was her biggest challenge as a producer. “I have been a producer of biopics, dramas, and very artistic films like El Rey de la Habana. But for me, this film was the biggest challenge in my career because of all its covers".