The producer Erik Zuckermann is currently working on four series, two comedies, and two dramas
Producer Erik Zuckermann: The industry is going to adapt
Ríchard Izarra/Aliana González|08 de mayo de 2020

The producer Erik Zuckermann said during #PRODU Primetime hosted by Richard Izarra that the audiovisual industry will know how to adapt to this new reality. “We must continue feeding the machinery and this monster that is the world of entertainment," he stated after highlighting that, even though there will be adjustments, along with companies or people who will be affected, he is optimistic.

Zuckermann said that he trusts that science will manage to have the vaccine at some point. "Having the vaccine will change the situation entirely because it will allow returning to normality" he added. He comments that throughout the history of mankind there are plenty of encouraging examples: after the Second World War, there were times of great economic expansion. "I think that mankind has suffered much worse things than what we are going through right now," he said.

He is currently working on four series, two comedies, and two dramas, some of which were not able to enter the production phase, but that are getting stronger and becoming a better product, after this review period.

Regarding cinema, he says there is also great uncertainty regarding what will happen with this activity: While cinema comes from a time when people are no longer going to movie theaters, before the pandemic, upon opening once again, it could happen that people want to go back to experience this type of activity and not have money to go to large concerts or similar, more expensive activities, and this type of return to movie theaters happens. "We don`t know how we are going to respond to people´s psyche.

Watch Érik Zuckermann in #PRODUprimetime with Ríchard Izarra
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