Renata Notni and Pablo Lyle, stars of Mi Adorable Maldición (120x60’)

Producer Ignacio Sada from Televisa: Mi Adorable Maldición is the Mexican version of Lola Calamidades
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|15 de diciembre de 2016

The mass for the beginning of the shootings of Ignacio Sada´s new production, Mi Adorable Maldición (120x60’) was held in the Televisa San Ángel forums. The stars of the production are Renata Notni and Pablo Layle, and it will be aired starting on January 23 at 5pm on Las Estrellas.

“What attracted me the most about doing the Mexican version of the Colombian story Lola Calamidades, in the first place, is that it hasn´t been broadcast in Mexico, and we could say that it is original, in that sense. In second place, it caught my attention that it has elements of magical realism, it is different from telenovelas I have had to produce because it invites us to play more and awaken our imagination and creativity, without breaking the accounts structure,” commented the producer.

He highlighted that the 5pm Schedule is adapted to continue with long stories, even when TV is betting on short melodramas.

It is important to mention that Lola Calamidades was produced in 1987 in RTI, aired for the first time on the channel Cadena 1 and broadcast again on Caracol in 2001. In 2010, RTI produced an updated versión for Caracol starring Danna García and Segundo Cernadas. The adaptation for Mexico was made by Gabriela Ortigoza, Ricardo Tejeda and Félix Cortés, who worked with Sada on Simplemente María.