Producer Jorge Salvador from El Hormiguero

Producer Jorge Salvador from El Hormiguero: The Spanish version on Azteca 7 will open a new door in Mexican TV
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|18 de febrero de 2016

With almost 1,500 programs on air, the original version of El Hormiguero comes to the Mexican screen, on Azteca 7 starting February 22 at 7:30pm. Its producer, Jorge Salvador, stated that it will open a new door in Mexican TV. “We have been doing El Hormiguero and are sure that it will be attractive for the Mexican audience and that when the accent barrier disappears we will manage to open a new door in Mexican TV. The idea is to broadcast the programs in México at the same pace as in Spain; however, it will depend on TV Azteca to change them according to the guests (if they are well-known or not in this country)”, he commented. The producer stated that they are about to reach 1,500 programs on the air, with international guests such as Will Smith, David Guetta, Taylor Swift, among others. In this respect, he assured that the keys that have led this program to spend 10 years on the air is “our presenter Pablo Motors, who is capable of making you laugh, cry and dance, as well as the level of the guests we have invited”. To end, he said that they are the creators of the format and can therefore export it to the world: “We don't buy and aren't concerned with what happens on TV in other places because we want to create clean things; but our content has been very well seen in other countries like the US where they are seeing and talking about us for the first time”. It is worth mentioning that TV Azteca produced the Mexican version of El Hormiguero with two seasons on the air.