Producer Juan Osorio from Televisa

Producer Juan Osorio from Televisa: In Sueño de Amor we will include locations and actors from South Korea
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|18 de septiembre de 2015

In the aim to learn new production mechanisms in other countries and take some of those experiences for the new project Sueño de Amor, Televisa producer Juan Osorio, traveled to South Korea, where he visited three production companies and where planning was one of the best things he learned. "For now, I have learned their way to plan and design their sceneries. It is an exchange to enrich my work, where the priority is Sueño de Amor, my next telenovela that will start being shot January 4th and will be aired starting in March. There we will attempt to integrate this experience with social networks, with a location I aim to do in Korea and including Korean actors. This open windows to make the story richer”, he expressed. Osorio highlighted that his new telenovela will continue combining comedy with melodrama, as in his previous production Mi Corazón es Tuyo and Una Familia con Suerte.